GRANT Releases Bold New Visual For 'Catcher in the Rye': Watch


Swedish singer-songwriter GRANT has released the visual accompaniment to her new bouncy track “Catcher in the Rye.” The video opens with GRANT — real name Alma Caroline Cederl — clad in red fur and plaid pants. The singer dances along to blaring horns as she sings about “falling deeply and truthfully in love for the first time.”

“This is the first time where I’m the main and only cast in my own video,” Cederl tells Billboard the visual, which was directed by Michelle Eismann. “Though I’m used to standing in front a camera by now, I’ve always been terrified watching myself in moving pictures.”

The songstress, whose debut album In Bloom is due to arrive June 1, also breaks down how she developed her bold new video. “We set out with an idea only me in a room, dancing, and using light, projections, angles and mirrors to make it interesting and fun,” she says. “I’ve never danced before, so I was really scared memorizing choreography –instead, I had choreographer Afra Hosseini guiding me throughout the whole day so that the dance would feel genuine and personal.”

Overall, the “Waterline” singer says the process was well worth the initial unease. “The experience was challenging, extremely developing and so much fun. I’ve never been so proud myself as I was when we called it a wrap.”

Check out the video below: