Grant & McCall Build a Magical Dream World of Melody on ‘Wishes’: Exclusive


What happens when you let go of expectations and everything you've come to know? You may find yourself shaking under the weight of uncertainty, or you may find yourself soaring without the shackles of constraint. Your life is defined by your perception of it, and Los Angeles producer Grant learned that lesson when he dared to write "Wishes."

“'Wishes' is, to this day, my favorite song I’ve made," Grant tells Billboard Dance. "I started it in a college dorm room at the end of my freshman year, so to be releasing it just before graduating is pretty surreal. In my head, It’s almost like a symbol of personal growth. My goal was to test my own way of breaking traditional dance music structure. I imagined a heartfelt song with a long intro and a big payoff at the end. It might not hook the short attention span, but I truly believe it will leave a mark on anyone who listens to the end.”

From soft, humble beginnings, the producer builds a world of wonder. Layer by layer, satellite transmissions, drip-dop melodies and brightening beats raise the song toward higher ground. Singer McCall adds a heavenly air to the hopeful tune. Stick with it, and you'll be gliding through the air on your own magic carpet of daydream fantasies.

Earlier this month, we named Grant One to Watch, and "Wishes" doesn't disappoint. The song is about to be released as an in-game tune in popular video game Rocket Leage. It's out everywhere on Monstercat's Instinct imprint Friday, March 22, but you can hear it on demand below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.