Granger Smith Explains How His First Book 'If You're City, If You're Country' Started


Smith also premieres a behind-the-scenes clip from his latest music video.

If you ask country music chart-topper Granger Smith what he's been getting into this summer, it's difficult to pinpoint where to begin. In addition to holding down a reputation for his exhilarating and versatile live show – he just wrapped a second headlining sold-out tour in Australia – Smith is a wizard dreaming up and churning out unique projects with his viral sensation alter-ego, Earl Dibbles Jr., feeding the demand his unwavering “Yee Yee Nation.”

Case in point: Smith (and Dibbles) can ficially add author to his resume with today’s release his first-ever book If You’re City, If You’re Country, available on Amazon and already receiving best-selling accolades. Smith confirmed the passion project has been in the works for quite some time. “I'd say about five years ago, I came up with this concept 'If You're City, If You're Country,' where the left page says, ‘If You're City,’ then it has a scenario and a drawing to match the city scenario. Then, on the right page, it says, ‘If You’re Country,’ and it has the same phrase, but a different scenario with Earl acting out that scenario. Finally, about two years ago, I started writing the first jokes and getting it all ready.”

Most jokes spawned late at night, winding down following the excitement performing for another rambunctious crowd. He continued, “It was just a nice creative release. I would finish a show, go back to my bus, and I'd pull out my pen and paper. For instance, I would start with a simple phrase such as 'smart car.' How does smart car work in the city? How does it work in the country? Okay, now let’s have some fun with this….”

Since his inception in 2011, the creativity and escapism that is Earl Dibbles Jr. has helped parlay into a multi-layered success story for the pair leading to chart-topping radio hits, a No. 1 downloaded podcast, flourishing apparel line, a proprietary energy drink line and a social media following that's hard to keep up with.

In the driver’s seat is course Smith’s music career, which continues to experience a hot-streak its own. He is unveiling a behind-the-scenes look at his latest music video for his current single climbing the charts, “You’re In It,” exclusively with Billboard.

The captivating video – which released earlier this month – also features familiar faces in Smith’s wife Amber Smith and fellow country artists Parker McCollum and Koe Wetzel. The video shows Smith in a new light having his morals seriously compromised, taking viewers on several twists and turns. He explains purposefully shaking up the storyline saying, “Let's make a video that's not your first reaction to what the lyrics are saying. You've already heard the song. You know the lyrics. You know the story. Let's not try to live it out, lyric-by-lyric, and make a story this. Let's make something completely different."

That’s the special thing about Granger Smith (and Earl Dibbles Jr.) – you can always expect the dynamic duo to push boundaries and conquer new territory.