GOT7 Unveil Captivating Video For ‘You Calling My Name’: Watch


GOT7 are back today (Nov. 4) with their new single “You Calling My Name,” their first Korean single since May’s “Eclipse.”  

The song serves up funky alt-R&B vibes, with the melody playing to each members’ distinct style, one moment slinking along to the rhythmic strings of the chorus and the next serving up a fierce rap.

“You Calling My Name” is a graceful show of sonic maturity for the boy band, which got its start in January 2014 with the single “Girls Girls Girls” and have gone on to become a mainstay of the K-pop world. 

The cinematic music video for GOT7’s latest similarly poses the group's seven members in a series of sleek shots, using shadows and lighting effects to emphasize the drama of the song and highly-stylized, clocklike choreography.

There’s also a special secret hidden in a recurring design that appears throughout the video: according to fan theories, what looks like a combination of the Korean letter "ㅂ" (b/p sound) and "D" ("ㅂD") is, in fact, the ancient oracle bone script of the Chinese character "名," which means "name," a nod to the title. 

“You Calling My Name” fronts the act’s You Call My Name EP, their 10th EP, which features five other songs aside from the single, including "Now or Never" with Jonas Blue. Members of the group are credited as songwriters on the tracks, with JB (as Defsoul), Jinyoung, and Yugyeom named as co-writers on songs.

Following the release of the music video and album, multiple trends associated with the release trended worldwide on Twitter as fans celebrated the return of GOT7. 

Watch the music video for “You Calling My Name” below.