Gospel Star Kim Burrell on Recording ‘Bible of Love’ With Snoop Dogg


I met Snoop’s mother [Beverly Broadus-Green] over 20 years ago. She told me, “Calvin is going to serve the Lord,” so that’s why I worked with him: to fulfill one of his mother’s desires, to watch him give glory to God. It’s very apparent that he’s not afraid to branch out. Before he pursued the record, he posted himself listening to gospel music on Instagram a lot. The temperament of the studio was set by Snoop’s kindness. His ability to embrace life head-on without smoke screens — no pun intended, especially for him — made it easy for me.    — AS TOLD TO BIANCA GRACIE

Gospel Star Kim Burrell on Recording 'Bible of Love' With Snoop Dogg

This article originally appeared in the April 27 issue of Billboard.