Goody Grace Enlists Blink-182 For Somber ‘Scumbag’ Song and Watch


Goody Grace unveiled the music video for "Scumbag," his new collaboration with Blink-182, on Wednesday (Oct. 30).

In the clip, the rising Canadian star wades through the drama and self-deprecation of a break-up while being dragged through the streets (literally!) of Selkirk, Manitoba. "She says I'm a scumbag/ Wants to take a love bath/ Story of my li-i-i-fe/ Why-y am I such an a–hole?/ Everything is my fault/ Happens every ti-i-i-ime," Grace sings on the chorus, over a moody beat courtesy of Travis Barker on the drums.

Barker and bandmate Mark Hoppus make an appearance late in the video, with the Blink-182 frontman taking over the song's melancholic bridge from Grace before joining in on the song's final choruses. 

"Blink-182 is the reason I started playing guitar when I was a kid," Goody said in a statement about teaming up with the iconic band for the new track. "Their music helped me through my entire childhood and teenage years, and I couldn't be more honored to have them on a song of mine…I hope 'Scumbag' can be the anthem for people's lives such as Blink's entire discography is for me."

The singer-songwriter first met the band when Barker invited him to open for them during their recent Las Vegas residency as well as a slew of tour dates in 2018. "Scumbag" serves as the lead single for Grace's follow-up to his 2016 debut EP, Infinite.

Watch the video for "Scumbag" below.