Goku's Voice Actress Wants More "Dragon Ball" TV Shows


Dragon Ball Super came to an end recently, which left a Goku sized hole in fans the anime’s chests. The series finale was epic, and course, a movie is slated for a Winter release. Until then, Dragon Ball fans can enjoy an upcoming live tour, or play the latest Dragon Ball FighterZ game. Fans the tv series aren’t the only ones that are missing the action-packed cartoon show though. 81-year-old Goku voice actress Masako Nozawa recently expressed her emotions about the end the show, and what she thinks about the future the anime.

As reported and translated from Japanese by Kotaku, Nozawa stated, “We finished recording the last Dragon Ball Super and…even now I’m filled with emotion.” I can fully agree with that statement. She continued on to say, “For now, the TV anime is taking a short break, and there’s also a movie coming this December. My hope is that the TV anime] begins again while those memories still linger.”

The legendary voice actress also believes that “the world Dragon Ball will never end.” Since Toei Animation just created an entire department dedicated to Dragon Ball, my guess is that her last statement couldn’t be truer.