"Godzilla" Teaser Sees Millie Bobby Brown In Contact With The Creature


Millie Bobby Brown has stepped out of the world of Stranger Things (the beloved Netflix show that brought her fame) to now starring in the upcoming Godzilla King Of The Monsters film. An official teaser has arrived that shows some of the crazy happenings the monster does to the city. “Our planet will parish and so will we unless we set Godzilla free,” Vera Farmiga’s character, Dr. Emma Russell says in the clip, as seen below.

Aside from Godzilla, other villains like Mothra, Rodan and Ghidorah are also showcased. Charles Dance, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Kyle Chandler, Bradley Whitford, Ziyi Zhang, and more also star in the movie that hits theaters May 31st. 

O’Shea recently talked about Godzilla and whether or not the creature becomes a hero in the upcoming film.

“Once again, speaking as a Godzilla fan, I always hated those humans who acted like, didn’t Godzilla just save your ass but with the realm that we’re in now, what happened in San Francisco in 2014, we’re still learning about Godzilla and exactly what he is,” he said. “You know, if more gets unraveled, the further that this story goes and I’m glad people get a further understanding of what Godzilla represents. And from what I can see, he holds down the Pacific, so California seems safe. So I’m with that.”