Gloria Trevi Debuts Bloody, Vampire-Themed Single & Music Watch


Gloria Trevi is drinking something red and it's dripping down the side her face in her latest music video.   

In "Que Me Duela" (It Pains Me), the Mexican pop star's latest single is inspired by vampires and a night naughty fun as the backdrop a glowing L.A. skyline introduces the opening scenes, complete with bats and later a frosty-white wolf by her side.   

Trevi is radiant in her latest music video. She also takes on the persona a vampire frolicking through the night with a cast characters in various scenes, from a simulated orgy to drinking blood (or is it wine?) and having a severe reaction to the sunrise.    

Trevi has been teasing the latest single on her Instagram account for several days and on Thursday night (June 14), the entertainer took questions with her fans a Facebook LIVE session.     

"The idea is to entertain," Trevi said with a chuckle as she addressed one her followers regarding the new video. "It's about getting the passion out."

The pop star also asked her fans about which outfits and wigs they liked and spoke about a bathtub scene that made for a very chilly L.A. morning.

"It was almost 6 a.m. and it was cold," Trevi told her fans. "It's warm during the day L.A., but at night it's totally cold. I didn't want to go into that icy cold bath."

Trevi, wearing a black dress and pearls during her live chat, said that she realized that her video may look a tad like something Lady Gaga would do, but the video is ultimately about "the idea to play with fantasy," she said. "All the women in one and one in all them."    

Trevi also said that this video hints at her next touring show as she's known for being hands-on as she enjoys designing her concert spectacles. She also said that in the upcoming days she'll make an announcement about a contest that comes with a prize to appear in her next music video.

"Just get ready for a lot new music that I've been holding onto for you," Trevi said to her fans during the live talk. "Prepare yourselves because this is going to go fast like never before."

To close her live chat, Trevi attempted to blow out five candles and even though she struggled, Trevi shrugged it f and laughed, remarking that she almost burned her eyebrow f. 

Watch Gloria Trevi's "Que Me Duela" here: