Global Status Signee Lay B Drops Debut Joint ‘Rags 2 Riches’


Global Status Inc. signee Lay B is dropping his debut joint, “Rags 2 Riches.” The skilled wordsmith first started rapping at a very young age when he would steal his rapper father’s beats catalogue to rap on them. Many years later, he stands as a complete artist who not only masters his flow like nobody, but also knows exactly why he is here and what he wants to share with the many fans that already follow him closely. 

Lil Wayne, Biggie, or Tupac are the artists that Lay B has always looked up to, which explains a little bit more why his flow is so hypnotic, precise, and so perfectly aligned with the beats, lyrics, and overall vibe of the music he makes. “Rags 2 Riches” talks about adversity and his experience in music, describing his rise from a mediocre everyday rap to the meticulously crafted one he delivers today. It is undoubtedly one of the best productions of the year so far, so stay tuned while we keep an eye on Lay B’s next move.