Gio Washington gets up close and personal on "I Give You Me"



Gio Washington f/k/a Governor is a Billboard Charting singer/songwriter who made his bones with his commanding vocals and has worked with the likes of 50cent and T.I.’s Grand Hustle imprint. With 3 studio albums under his belt and a myriad of singles Gio Washington is now back with a brand new effort titled “I Give You Me”. The heartfelt record is a very gripping piece of art that showcases Gio’s solid vocals and soul-gripping lyrics reminiscent of R&B greats. His vintage-tinged style would surely allure fans of the genre who crave timeless music that goes beyond the current run off the mill songs that plague the airwaves.

The visual is pretty intimate and shows Gio in his element in the studio as he returns to where he makes his music.

“I Give You Me” is the follow up to his single “Favorite Pillow”  and he is planning on releasing a full album later this year. This all comes after he survived a near-fatal accident in 2015.