Gill Stackz’s Recent Release “The Process” Will Wake You Up For Real


DC-based newcomer artist Gill $tackz shoots our way yet another classic called “The Process,” a hard to digest track, as it speaks of a “daily diet of negative”. The artist, known for mixing 60’s and 70’s famous Washington DC signature Gogo, and 90’s cult classic hip-hop, owns the rap game more and more with every new release. It seems like he and his music develop not day by the day but by the hour. 

“The Process” remains a meditation of its own; the infinite nerve caressing sound of electric guitar accompanying the whole song creates an atmospheric vibe to the music. The lyricism is  high with catchy wordplays, a mature approach, and hitting to the core themes native to the genre. At the very beginning of the song, the artist mentions his aim to awaken the listener with reality, and throws at our face the raw one we live in. 

“The Process”  is exposing truth to the point of making you feel physical pain and is unapologetically straight forward. The rapper sings the world we live in, holding nothing back and making you feel like your dirty laundry was thrown at your face.  Gill pours salt to the open wounds of humanity to snap us out from the numbness and indifference. The artist sings his heart out in a manner of a true OG and with the release of  “The Process,” there is no doubt left he soon will become one.