Gia Gunn Talks Embracing Her Identity, Trans Activism in the Drag World & Wanting to Be On 'All Stars 4': Watch


RuPaul’s Drag Race season six alum Gia Gunn sat down with Billboard Pride’s Marya Gullo to discuss her new song and video with fellow drag queen Alaska, “La China Mas Latina," talk about transgender activism within the drag community, as well as provide some suggestions about which queens should appear on All Stars 4.

In “La China Mas Latina” (which she says translates to “Latin Asian princess/girl”), Gunn raps in both English and Spanish. Addressing the somewhat surprising fact that she is so fluent in Spanish, Gunn explains that she learned the language because her best friend since kindergarten is Mexican-American.

“The Latin community has always supported me, when I started performing drag,” she tells Billboard Pride. “And so what better way to show people who I am instead just telling them? So I created this video.”

“Geishas speaking Spanish and singing reggaeton songs is obviously very out the norm,” she adds her music video. “But I’m very out the norm, so I’ve learned to really accept that. Since my journey after RuPaul’s Drag Race and learning about my gender identity and getting comfortable with being a trans woman and exploring my gender identity, I have really come to terms with accepting my background.”

Asked if she has faced any difficulties being a transgender woman in the drag community, Gunn says that she, fortunately, has not and that she has instead felt a sense appreciation and thankfulness from the community.

“I get a lot people from my community thanking me for doing what I do and thanking me for coming out with my truth,” she shares. “I think the only ‘problems’ that I have really had since transitioning in terms with the drag is really with myself. For six years, I dressed up as a girl as a job, and it was an excuse for me to express myself in a feminine manner, and not be judged by it. But now I don’t dress up just to look like a girl because I have now come to accept that I am a girl and that I embody a woman every single day my life.”

“Drag is an art form,” she adds. “It has nothing to do with your gender identity or your sexual orientation.”

Gunn also opens up about her decision to publicly document her transition, explaining that there are very few resources out there for transgender people and that she wants to use the platform she has to provide transgender youth and individuals resources to transition in a proper, healthy, and safe way.

“There’s so many things around being transgender that are dangerous, and I think it’s terrible and we’re losing so many people in our community every single day,” a tearful Gunn says. “I just want to show people that you can be whoever it is that you want…We all unfortunately do have a label, but at the end the day, we’re all human and I think we all deserve respect.”

Before the close the interview, Gia Gunn is asked who she would like to see on All Stars 4, to which she replies that she hopes to see herself on the show. “Still haven’t gotten the call,” she says with a laugh, “But I hope to see me!” Gunn also notes that she would love to see Naomi Smalls on there, adding that she appreciates her fashion and her performance, and that she loves her as a person. “She has a really great heart and she’s just super fun,” Gunn says.

Laganja Estranja is another pick, with Gunn stating that even though the queen sent her home on season six, they have maintained a “great friendship” over the years and calls her “super talented.” Trinity “the Tuck” Taylor is another selection, with Gunn calling her “so hilarious.”

You can watch the full video above to hear much more from Gia Gunn.