(G)I-dle Are Dominating Queens in ‘Lion’ Watch


K-pop girl group (G)I-dle made an impactful return on Sunday (Nov. 3) with the release of their dramatic video for their song “Lion.”

Originally released as a special performance featured on the South Korean television show Queendom, “Lion” is a fierce, yet occasionally lo-fi, dance track from the six-woman act that features the members declaring their dominance amid a powerful beat and bluesy melodies. With frequent empty space left for their domineering verses and bold raps to shine in between the chant of the chorus, (G)I-dle spend the tune declaring how they're a "queen like a lion" as they make their mark on the music world. 

"You look into my eyes and feel threatened by the music," sings Yuqi midway through the song. "Trapped in the burning hot rhythm and devote a lion's dance."

The song, originally featured on the Oct. 31 finale of Queendom, was shared through a captivating visual that features the group's members alternating looks that hone in on their powerful presence, ranging from slim sheaths that emphasize the feral choreography to regal red and gold looks straight out of a European court of yesteryear. 

“Lion” is the act's first new Korean single since June’s “Uh-Oh.” 

Watch (G)I-dle’s “Lion” video below.