GG Magree Gives Billie Eilish’s ‘Wish You Were Gay’ a Dark, Grimy Remix: Listen


Billie Eilish and GG Magree have a lot in common. They're both strong, creative females blazing a trail all their own. They both have a love for weird, harsh noises, and they both dare to see the darker side of pop. It makes sense Magree would try her hand at an Eilish remix, and today, she gives the world her electronic take on Eilish's "Wish You Were Gay."

The original hangs on Eilish's play on dynamics and the play of big, stark noise against silence. Magree's remix taps into the deepest parts of the song's dark spine and brings out a rich fullness. Silence is replaced by stuttering bass and an aggressive kind of classic dubstep wonk. 

“I am so beyond excited to have this baby come out," Magree tells Billboard Dance, "firstly because of how much I f–k with Billie. I mean, she’s so out of the box both musically and ascetically, which is a huge inspiration to me, and also because I took a darker style of approach when I started remixing 'Wish You Were Gay.' Her vocals are so angelic, so there really a great balance with the dark approach I went for, especially in with the drop. I hope Billie loves this bad boy as much as I do.” 

The Eilish remix follows Magree's anti-love original "I Wanna Lose You." She'll no doubt drop both on tour throughout the U.S. this summer. Check her full list of upcoming tour dates and listen to the remix of "Wish You Were Gay" below.

GG Magree Tour 2019
Saturday 8th June @ Talking Stick Resort Arena, Phoenix AZ
Sunday 9th June @ Ever After Festival, Kitchener, ON
Saturday 15th June @ Paradiso, Quincy WA
Wednesday 26th June @ Sky, Salt Lake City, UT
Saturday 6th July @ FVDED in the Park, Surrey, BC
Saturday 13th July @ Audiotistic Bay Area, Mountain View, CA
Saturday 3rd August @ Hard Summer, Fontana, CA
Sunday 4th August @ Lollapalooza, Chicago, IL
Friday 9th August @ The Loft, Minneapolis, MN
Thursday 19th September @ Celine, Orlando FL
Friday 20th September @ Prime Music Festival, Lansing, MI