Getting To Know Cardi B: From Stripper To ‘Michelle Obama Of The Hood’


Cardi B is a special human being. She went from a “regular, degular” job, to stripping, to Instagram sensation, to Love & Hip Hop star, to an actress on Being Mary Jane, to a real certified rapper. Like her or not, Cardi’s growth is impressive.

I sat down with Cardi B to get to know more than just the sliver her personality we get social media and entertainment platforms. This is the realest conversation you’ll get from the star.

We start by finding out how her parents met. Next, we talk about Cardi’s childhood with her sister Hennessy and how they went from numerous fist fights to being each other’s rock. “I don’t think nobody has my back more than my sister does,” she reveals.

Hennessy also was a bit embarrassed by Cardi’s rise on social media. People used to harass Hennessy about Cardi stripping and talking about it on social media, but that was Cardi’s marketing tool to get more men to come visit her at the strip club. Cardi admits she has a few regrets, though: “I kinda felt bad, because I wasn’t thinking about Hennessy] because she was still in high school.”

Cardi’s face lights up, though, when she remembers Bobby Shmurda, the first celebrity to repost one her videos. Her Instagram was deleted and Bobby re-posted her videos a few times. Those re-postings would lead to an explosion in popularity for Cardi B. We also talked about some the things people said about her sister Hennessy when she got on reality TV.

“I’m a little bit upset about the reaction people have my sister. If people love me, I know they are going to love my sister even more. She’s way more animated, way more lit, more crazy or whatever people think that I am. She’s 20 times more that. It really pissed me f people are saying she’s trying] to be like her sister Cardi. She’s not trying, that’s just how she naturally is,” she said. “She is clearly going to be just like me, we came out the same pussy. We were made out the same dick and sperm.” 

Cardi also talks about people’s misconception that she’s not smart because the way she speaks:

“I feel like a lot people think I’m dumb because I don’t speak perfect English. I’m not. I’m not going to go mad HAM and go, ‘I’m smart because I know this, this and that.’ If y’all want to believe I’m dumb, cool! I guess being dumb sells, because I make a good prit f being who I am.” 

She also goes on to explain why she doesn’t care if people hate on her, she’s not speaking to them.

“Look at Michelle Obama; she’s a very inspiring woman, but girl’s from the hood. There are a lot people who have not graduated high school, they have not graduated middle school and they are not going to understand Michelle Obama’s vocabulary. They are going to understand Cardi B’s vocabulary and it’s like, if I can help them in a certain type way and in an entertaining way, then I’m going to do it.” 

Check out part one  my chat with Cardi B in the video above.