Getter Cancels Remainder Of His Visceral Tour


In an emotionally fraught open letter, Getter has officially canceled the remainder of his Visceral Tour, citing anxiety and frustration in response to overwhelming fan criticism. The tour was nearly complete, meant to run seven more dates through April 13. 

"I started the Visceral project to move forward with notably my career but my mental state," Getter wrote. "I thought this tour was an effort to make myself happy and prove to everybody that music is more than just raging on the weekend."

Getter's album, which he broke down track by track for Billboard Dance upon its release, is a clear expression of pain battled with a hope for triumph. The Visceral Tour employed high-end stage production that pit Getter inside a large rib cage behind an LED screen. He took his place behind synths and a mic to deliver his first live performance. 

"Imagine working toward something, putting ain all your effort, time and money into something that you feel could FINALLY separate you from the rest and show you DO have purpose. All to just get yelled at, booed and have shit thrown at you because it’s not the cookie-cutter bullshit they are used to," he wrote. "Criticism is healthy. My friend and I frequently critique each other’s work and it helps the final product. However, the constant hate and the disgusting attitudes I’m faced with are destroying me."

Hs fellow producers and performers have been quick to defend his honesty and his courage throughout the process. Getter apologized to his "actual fans" who supported him throughout the tour. He told them he loves them, and he's "so fuckin' sorry."

"I am not happy anymore," he said. "I am canceling the rest of the tour. I need to make myself happy. I can’t do this shit man."

Getter's peers have been quick to support his courage and his dedication throughout the process. Read Getter's full statement below and some of the messages of support from Zeds Dead, JOYRYDE, Ghastly and more.