Geto Boys Cancel Tour, Bushwick Bill Pulls Out Night Before First Show: Report


Earlier this month, hip-hop legend Bushwick Bill revealed that he was fighting stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Fans everywhere sent their prayers to the Geto Boys member. Shortly after, it was announced that he and the other two members of the Geto Boys, Scarface and Willie D, would hit the road for a four-city reunion tour with the first show set to go down tomorrow night. Unfortunately, that won’t be the case as the Bushwick Bill’s pulled out of the tour.

According to TMZ, the Geto Boys reunion tour has been canceled. The cause of the cancelation reportedly stems from Bushwick Bill’s issue with the promoters. He felt like they were exploiting his cancer diagnosis to try and get a quick buck. Additionally, he felt the tour’s title, “The Beginning of a Long Goodbye: The Final Farewell,” was a bit dramatic and made it appear as if he was on his deathbed. After Bushwick pulled out of the tour, the other members followed suit. 

Apparently, Bushwick Bill not only believes that the organizers tried to exploit the news about his health, but they also took his tour idea and turned it into a Geto Boys tour. Bushwick Bill initially spoke to Willie D and Scarface in late April about doing a Bushwick and Friends tour.

Willie D and Scarface are reportedly shocked about the news and said they haven’t heard any complaints from Bushwick anytime recently.

With the Geto Boys reunion scrapped, Bushwick Bill is reportedly plotting on a 20-city tour called “Phuck Cancer” which is set to kick off in Dallas on June 8th.