Get to Know ‘Undrunk’ Singer Fletcher: Watch


Fletcher is helping her fans get to know a bit more about her in this week’s episode of “You Should Know,” as she reveals the time she was most starstruck, what her party trick is, how she wrote her song “Undrunk,” and much more.

Asked what first sparked her interest in music, Fletcher tells Billboard that she began with classical vocal training when she was five years-old. She also admits that she worked as a Disney princess/Hannah Montana/Taylor Swift impersonator at kids’ birthday parties when she was in high school.

Speaking of the moment when she was most starstruck, the pop singer recalls the time she was performing at the same event as Paul McCartney was. “He looked at me and he said, ‘Fletcher, be great,’” she remembers. “And I was like, ‘I'm gonna tattoo that on my face.’ And I also panicked in the moment because it's Paul McCartney and I literally said, ‘You too.’”

Fletcher also divulges that she has a secret talent: talking with her mouth closed, complete with a hilarious must-see demonstration.

As for how she creates music, Fletcher admits that her music-making process varies quite a bit. “It depends who I'm in the room with because I'm really sensitive to different people's vibes and energies,” she says.

“If it doesn't click, I kinda shut off creatively, but for writing ‘Undrunk,’ we were taking tequila shots and somebody said 'we need to try to get undrunk so we can write a song right now,'” Fletcher continues. “And we just started saying all the things we wish we could undo about an ex or a situation.”

“It's really collaborative,” she adds of her songwriting process. “Usually, melody always comes to me first. It always hits me in the shower. I don't know what it is about the shower, but that's where I start all of my songs and ideas.”

You can check out the full video interview with Fletcher above, and listen to "Undrunk" below.