Get to Know 'Trust Nobody' Rapper 070 Shake: Watch


In this week’s episode “You Should Know,” Billboard catches up with New Jersey-based rapper 070 Shake to find out who her biggest musical influences are, what her songwriting process is like and much more.

“I started making music about three years ago,” 070 Shake says, sharing that her first song “Proud” was about the struggles she went through in school and the people who didn’t believe in her.

The “Trust Nobody” rapper, who names Michael Jackson and Kanye West as her biggest musical inspirations, reveals that she ended up getting signed to West’s GOOD Music record label thanks to a girl she knew from her town. That girl, she says, became Instagram famous and met someone who worked at the label. West then heard her music and sought her out. “Two weeks prior, I was like, ‘I wouldn’t sign to anybody beside GOOD Music,’” she adds, “And then two weeks later they just reached out to me.”

070 Shake also talks through her songwriting process, explaining that she never goes into the studio with a particular plan or story that she wants to tell. “I just really go with how I feel in the moment and then that’s where there writing comes from,” she says. “It’s like an ongoing disperse words when I feel something.”

Check out the full video above to hear much more from 070 Shake, including who she thinks should play her in a movie, what the most memorable gifts she has ever received are and more.