Get to Know ‘It’s Not U It’s Me’ Singer Bea Miller: Watch


Bea Miller stopped by the Billboard office to help fans get to know a bit more about her as part of the “You Should Know” video series, as she revealed when she began making music, the time she fangirled over the Jonas Brothers, and what inspired her latest song “It’s Not U It’s Me.”

Miller, who was born in Manhattan and grew up in Maplewood, New Jersey, tells Billboard that she got her first guitar when she was 12 years old. “Her name was Charlotte. I named her, I was very excited,” she admits. “That was kind of what started my writing career.”

Asked to recall the time she was the most starstruck, Miller says that when she was eight years old, she met the Jonas Brothers for the very first time. “I actually wrote a song with Nick, so it's kind of funny now. I toured with DNCE, so it's kind of awkward now that I'm like their biggest fan,” she confesses with a laugh.

Miller explains that her mother used to work for an early morning news station when the band stopped by for a performance and an interview.

“My mom stuffed me right in the front of this little barricade and I have my little Jonas Brothers poster,” the singer says. “I was really tiny and after, when they took the Jonas Brothers inside…girls were going wild and they literally knocked me over onto the ground, pushed me over and like ran over on top of me like out of a cartoon.”

“I was looking down at my ripped poster crying and I bumped into somebody in the building and I looked up and it was Nick Jonas and the JoBros,” she continues, adding that they asked why she was crying and she told them what happened. “They signed my poster even though it was ripped and Nick gave me his guitar pick and I still have it to this day,” Miller shares.

As for what influenced her 6LACK collaboration “It’s Not U It’s Me,” Miller says that she used to give too much of herself to other people because she thought it was the right thing to do, noting that she doesn’t relate to that sentiment any longer.

“I thought it was time that I wrote a song about people not being right for you, but that being okay,” she explains. “Nobody needs to be upset about it, nobody needs to shed any tears. It's just, you can part ways and have it be cordial and just try to move on and live a happier life.”

You can check out the full video interview with Bea Miller above, and listen to “It’s Not U It’s Me” below.