Get to Know ‘Bossa No Sé’ Singer Cuco: Watch


In the latest installment of “You Should Know,” Billboard sits down with Cuco to find out when he felt the most starstruck, what his biggest accomplishment has been so far, what inspired his new album, and much more.

Cuco, who grew up in Inglewood, California (then moved to Lennox, then to Hawthorne, where he currently resides), tells Billboard that when it comes to making music, his process is “a bunch of bullshitting…whatever comes out, like chords, drums, and then the lyrics usually come last.”

Asked when the first time he felt starstruck was, the “Bossa No Sé” singer notes that it happened recently, when he was playing his first show in Mexico City, and Rubén Albarrán of the band Café Tacuba was there with his kids to watch the performance.

“Café Tacuba is a really big Mexican band, and my parents used to listen to them, too,” notes Cuco. “It was crazy. My parents were there, too, so we were all like pretty starstruck.”

As for what his biggest accomplishment has been so far, Cuco states that it is having his parents “not have to worry about anything.”

“Not working or nothing like that,” he continues. “Because I think being a son of immigrants, seeing what they went through and how they built themselves up from the ground up, it's hard also just watching your parents break their backs to be stable to eat and provide, so being able to have them just chill and do the things they wanna do…that kinda means everything to me.”  

Cuco also discusses his forthcoming debut album Para Mí, which is out July 26, explaining that it was inspired by growth.

“There's a lot of songs that sound like an old style of me, but then there's a lot of songs that have nothing to do with with other music I've been putting out, and I’m pretty excited to share it,” he says. “I'm already just thinking about when I wanna put out the next album, and when the next songs are gonna drop, too.”

You can check out the full video interview with Cuco above, and listen to “Bossa No Sé” below.