Get Familiar with “Level’d Up”, Four Men Looking To Build a Music Empire From the Ground Up


Level’d Up, founded in 2017 by four visionaries (Chance Jones, Sean Honeycutt, Chase Jones, Kamarin Mack), is intent on building a music empire from the ground up. Former club promoters, the collective envisioned finding, fostering and funding exceptional talent. As a result, they carved out their own lane in the industry. The Level’d Up experience is rooted in quality, excellence and attention to detail. Even the company name reflects that ethos. Their tenacity and will to succeed by assembling brilliant creatives and scaling their careers at every step of the development process, ultimately turning them into household names, is what will solidify their legacy.


In late 2018, Level’d Up formed a strategic alignment with Quality Control (QC), which is the imprint and management home to acts such as the Migos, City Girls and Cardi B. They signed their first artist, singer Layton Greene, to a record deal as well as established a label partnership where the entrepreneurial-minded businessmen act as A&R’s for QC and also their brand. A full service independent label that functions as a major, Level’d Up offers marketing/PR, artist development, social media management, merchandising and digital marketing management amongst other specialized services. However their distinguishing factor lies in how they have cultivated a tribe-like atmosphere with their clientele. As moguls, they advocate for the artist by providing them with every available resource, as family men they educate and protect. The tight knit unit they have built and continue to build, allows everyone to grow together.


Founding team members at Level’d Up contribute their vast network of connections in a massive effort to promote the artist and breed champion talent. They each play an essential role with a core belief in upward mobility. The brand culture of Level’d Up is to inspire, unite and elevate. By providing the logistical support to record, produce, publish, package and distribute the music, artists have the ability to solely focus on their art, which gives them creative freedom and strikes a work/life balance.


An emerging powerhouse label, Level’d Up has quickly become known for their power moves, executing on opportunity and having a keen eye to identify top talent. Their long-term vision includes a management arm, a state-of-the-art recording facility and extending outside of music with a sports agency.