German Montero Dedicates New Song 'Vamos Por La Estrella' to Mexico's Team: Listen


Today (July 2), fans from Mexico and Brazil will be nervous and anxious to know which team will proceed to the quarterfinals at the World Cup. And although the future the Mexican national team is not yet known, the singer German Montero is hoping to give them a boost; he's released “Vamos Por La Estrella” in support his team.

“Win or lose, being in front Brazil is already a triumph and this song comes from my heart for all the countrymen who are representing us in Russia and in other parts the world,” Montero said in a statement.

“Vamos por la Estrella” is a combination youthful sounds and mariachi-style trumpets, making for a perfect representation Mexican music.

Listen to “Vamos Por La Estrella” below.