Ganja White Night Bring a Legend to Animated Life For 'Chak Chel' Exclusive


Ganja White Night is exclusively premiering the video for their latest single "Chak Chel"  Billboard Dance today (Aug. 15).

Ancient Mayans believed in dual creator gods as a couple that represented the primordial powers life. Chac Chel was the wife; the divine feminine who stood for duality in all things. She was strong and magnificent, but also gentle and motherly. She was wizened and loving, and it's from her that Ganja White Night draws inspiration for "Chak Chel."

It's a thematic tune that swims between hopeful melodies and ferocious bass crashes. It's supposed to tell a story, so the Belgian duo got with digital animator My Name Is Ebo to bring this mythical Mayan storyline to life.

"Movies scores have always been a huge inspiration for us," Ganja White Night's Ben Bayeul says in an emailed statement. "We felt like there were few Dubstep artists taking a cinematic approach to the visual interpretation their music; music that will tell a story and make people travel through their imaginations. Now that we are able to dedicate what is needed to create our visual universe with Ebo, it's just a dream coming true to finally be able to create our own story."

It's quite the striking storyline. We find our cartoon heroes enjoying a most pleasant and magical lifestyle in the ancient Mayan jungle. Chac Chel is a goddess creation and water, among other things, and each person in this land glows with awesome power as they play in rivers and oceans. The young and the old smile and laugh in their private paradise, until the music takes on a menacing tone. Evil alien colonists fashioned after Europeans invade the peaceful land. All hell breaks loose, but Chac Chel is also the goddess destruction, and one native woman finds the power within herself to harness a powerful revenge.

Can peace be restored to the happy people? Watch the colorful music video for "Chak Chel" below to find out.