Gang Leader Who Dressed Up As Teen Daughter To Escape Prison Found Dead


The 42-year-old inmate who attempted to fool prison officials by dressing up as his 19-year-old daughter has reportedly died. Just days after the news went viral about Brazilian gang leader Clauvino da Silva trying to escape, authorities have shared that he was found in his cell. According to reports, he hanged himself with his bedsheet. 

While this does look like a suicide, a formal investigation into his death will be completed. The probe into his daughter and a number of other alleged accomplices is also still ongoing. Rio de Janeiro authorities state that da Silva was a leader in the Red Command, a top criminal organization in Brazil responsible for drugs and weapons trafficking. 

During his latest attempted escape, da Silva was caught by prison staff wearing a silicone mask along with a long, dark wig. His daughter was left behind in the prison as he made his way out in her place. “When he started talking, and pretending to speak like a woman, the guard realized that it was an attempted jailbreak, and identified him,” said deputy head of prison operations Moyses Henriques.

Following the escape attempt, da Silva was set to be transferred to a maximum-security prison. He was reportedly facing over 70 years in prison and recently received a 25-year sentence.