"Game Of Thrones" Series Finale Spoilers Leak Online


To be fair, fans haven’t really been overjoyed with the recent season of Game of Thrones in general. As an avid GoT fan, I feel like this season is being rushed. After binge-watching everything from the beginning, it really became apparent that GoT has transitioned from an intricate story about family and power to a Hollywood blockbuster filled with spectacle and madness. While I did thoroughly enjoy the penultimate episode of the season, thousands of GoT fans took to the internet to create a petition lobbying against the show’s writers. Some believe that Daenerys’ descent into madness was too fast (these people obviously haven’t been paying attention to the show). Others think that two main character deaths should have been much more brutal (I can’t disagree there). 

If fans feel disappointed now, it appears their angst will continue on Sunday. According to Deadlinedetails from the show’s finale have leaked online. The source allegedly leaked information from last week’s episode five, and since the majority of that leaked info turned out to be true, fans are taking this new leak as truth. Although it isn’t a video leak, the written synopsis can be found all over . Screenshots of the spoilers are also making their way around social media. It would be best to avoid social media for the next 24 hours, but for those looking to be spoiled, explore with caution. You may end up regretting it.