"Game Of Thrones" Fans Launch The "Arya Stark" Challenge


Warning: Spoilers Ahead.

Game of Thrones fans were evidently pleased with its most recent episode. The longly anticipated Battle of Winterfell packed the suspense, drama, and action which turned out to be climatic for many of us who have waited years to witness it. And the youngster Stark, precisely, made her mark in the aforementioned episode. Arya managed to lose her virginity and take a big win for the living in one season only. Her thorough and stealth training from previous seasons served purposeful in both love and war. 

As such, fans have garnered a new level of respect for the star and as in true fandom, they decided to show their appreciation the best way they knew how–with the #AryaStarkChallenge (or #TheArya for short). The challenge encompasses the iconic scene between Arya and the White Walker’s head honcho, the Night King. Most importantly, the technique of the challenge is all in the swift switch of the knife. Fans have taken on the challenge seriously and took their comedic attempt at the scene’s recreation to social media.

Hence while we wait on a new episode tonight, which was teased by cast members to be quite the event, let’s take a look at the hilarious submissions to the #AryaStarkChallenge.