Galantis Tease 'Satisfied' & 'Mama Look at Me Now' Coming Friday


If you're in the market for some wall sound dance-pop, good things are promised. Swedish hook-ridden duo Galantis have announced two new songs coming Friday. “Satisfied,” featuring “Lights Down Low” singer Max, and “Mama Look at Me Now” were announced Twitter with a fire emoji and a bright bit album artwork. Some fans are concerned that the Seafox isn't squarely featured. Instead, we see some rainbow-colored, geometric lions.

“Satisfied” and “Mama Look at Me Now” follow the release “Spaceship,” featuring Uffie. These will be the second and third singles released since Galantis' second album The Ary. The duo is beloved for its high-energy, bright and bubbly productions, matched only by its jumping live performances. 

Mark your calendars for the new music, and check out the teaser tweet below.