Galantis and Max Moto-Surf LA in 'Satisfied,' Hit Big On 'Mama Look At Me Now': Watch


Do not try this on your next Lyft ride, but the video for Galantis' new MAX collaboration “Satisfied” is the kind moto-surf action that makes you wanna do bad things. The Swedish electro-pop duo have once again crafted a hook so summery, it turns water into lemonade.

The video features a definite sponsorship by Lyft as the singer plays chauffer to the devilish twosome. With the music up loud and the wind in their faces, they're inspired to turn do some reckless revelry.

As if one cool groove and a fun video wasn't enough, Galantis pairs “Satisfied” with pretty B-Side “Mama Look At Me Now.” It's a song about finding greatness despite the naysayers. Even if you're a troublesome kid, you can grow up to be a daredevil dance musician who surfs cars in LA traffic and drops instantly-infectious double-sided EPs, just because.

Both “Satisfied” and “Mama Look At Me Now” are out today, and both are strong contenders for replay. Listen below and figure which is your favorite.