Gabrielle Union Shows Off Toned Physique During Greece Vacation With Dwayne Wade


Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade recently jetted off to Greece for some rest and relaxation and they haven’t been shy about sharing their lovely moments together. While Dwayne has just opted for some Instagram story updates, Gabrielle has shared numerous posts to her feed that sees her living her best life, with her sculpted physique. 

Although it may look like the couple are getting up to all kinds of excursions, one post to Gabrielle’s Instagram story hears her explain how they slept through one of their beach days – they must have really needed a break. “Let It Flow. Living Cool. Happy Memorial Day ā¤ & šŸ’” good people. Do not forget to give all honor and praise to the service people past and present who have served our country,” she captioned an image of them cruising on a boat. 

Another image posted to Gabrielle’s feed sees the duo posted up together, looking all kinds of happy and sun-kissed, exemplifying Black love goals. 

Dwayne and Gabrielle got married in August of 2014 and recently welcomed their first daughter by surrogacy. Gabrielle had already been a step-mom to Dwayne’s previous children, and not too long ago he explained how his boys helped propose to Gabrielle. 

“I decided that she wasn’t just marrying me, she was marrying all of us,” Dwayne told Oprah. “So I had them down by the pool, and I had them make their own signs. I had each one say, ‘Will you marry us?’ I took her outside to look at the water, and at first, she’s like, ‘What is going on?’ I get behind her, and I get on a yoga mat because I couldn’t put my knees down. I’m sitting there waiting for her to turn around and she’s reading the boys’ signs, and the boys said, ‘Will you marry us?'”