G Herbo Tears Up After GF Taina Williams Gifts Him A Chain For His Birthday


Sentimental birthday gifts can often leave the recipient a tad misty-eyed, and that’s exactly what happened with G Herbo. Tuesday marked the Chicago rapper’s 24th birthday, and to ring in his celebratory 24 hours, the rapper’s girlfriend, Taina Williams, shared a sweet message about him on social media.

You’re my favorite. My favorite pair of eyes to look into. My favorite name to see appear on my phone. My favorite way to spend my afternoons. You’re my favorite everything,” she wrote on Instagram. “Happy Birthday @nolimitherbo ❤️ I will do anything to see you happy today & every other day .. I love you.”

Fans were able to take a peek at Herbo’s birthday celebrations on Taina’s Instagram Story. To begin, she got him a cake that was topped off with 24 blunts. Then, they took a helicopter ride over New York City and dangled their legs over the side of the copter as they circled the Statue of Liberty. Later, they dressed up for Herbo’s birthday dinner where they drank a little liquor and sang Happy Birthday to Herbo before Taina gave him a gift that left the rapper with tears in his eyes.

Taina visited Joe The Jeweler, a favorite among celebrities, to create a chain that featured a photo of Herbo’s grandmother. The rapper was captured by cameras shedding a few tears as he received his new bling, but he was grateful to his girlfriend for the thoughtful gift. Watch it all unfold below.