G Herbo Fan Gets Expeditiously Removed From The Rapper’s Stage By Security


Sometimes a song goes off so hard at a concert that one can feel propelled to rise above the sweaty mosh and join an artist on stage. This brief moment of feeling like you jumped into the artist’s shoes and are now in control of a whole room’s energy is most often interrupted by an overzealous security guard. While the responses to stage-crashing fans can be excessively aggressive, there’s obvious reason for the situation to be taken seriously. It poses a security threat to the artist and… who are you to jump on stage? 

G Herbo was faced with one of these audacious spectators at his recent show for Tennessee State University’s Homecoming. The Chicago rapper was about to start rapping one of his songs when a shirtless man ran on stage. Once the man notices massive security guards coming his way, he starts running to jump off the stage, but not before security gets to him. One of the displeased bodybuilders gives him a push that sends him flying and prompts the crowd to gasp. While it appeared to be a rather brutal fall, the shirtless menace is seen at the end of the video smiling as he’s dragged off by another security guard. 

Lil Uzi Vert also recently had a fan run on stage during his performance at Rolling Loud NY, but in that case, Uzi defended the fan against a swarm of security