G-Eazy’s Booze Business Partner Accused Of Choking & Abusing His Wife


Stillhouse is an American fine spirits company that pumps out popular whiskey and bourbon, founded by Brad Beckerman in partnership with G-Eazy. The company’s reputation is at risk since The Blast reports that Brad has been accused of domestic abuse by his wife. The publication details how Chase Beckerman has issued a restraining order and the Department of Children and Family Services is investigating claims that he choked her. 

G-Eazy's Booze Business Partner Accused Of Choking & Abusing His Wife
Cassidy Sparrow/Getty Images

Documents obtained by The Blast detail how the most recent abuse claim stems from July where Brad allegedly “threatened to kill” his wife. “When asking him to leave he forced his way into car, when texted him to leave home he took my phone + keys + deleted cell history,” she wrote in documents. 

Chase even detailed past incidents where Brad displayed abusive behavior. “There are many instances over the past few years. Exact days are unclear. He threatens to kill me. An example, driving home from zoo w/ kids sleeping in car Brad says ‘You are such a f–ing b—h, I wish I could swerve the car so I could see your brains on windshield,'” she added. “At another time, he held me by my neck + chocked me against wall in our bathroom while our son was in our bed watching cartoons. (I have photo).”

A judge has stripped Brad of custody of his children and he’s been ordered to stay 100 yards away from Chase and their children. A hearing is set for later this month.