Fyre Festival’s Private Island Can Be Yours For $11.8 Million


You may recognize Saddleback Cay from the initial, now infamous Fyre Festival promo videos featuring a plethora of partying models, yachts and breathtaking beaches. According to Forbes, the island is now available to purchase for $11.8 million USD.  While purchasing the island won’t ensure you get to party with Emily Ratajkowski, Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, and more, it will land you a protected bay and seven beaches spanning thirty-five acres. 

The Fyre Festival originally gained traction on social media after attendee’s posted about nightmarish conditions in 2017, but it received a revival of attention earlier this year when both Netflix and Hulu released separate documentaries about the event. Attendees were promised gourmet meals and luxury villas but instead, were welcomed to the island with dull prepackaged sandwiches and limited tent space as well as a host of other inconveniences. Billy Mcfarland, the founder of the event, has since pled guilty to multiple counts of fraud

Saddleback Cay is not the final island used for the festival (Great Exuma) nor does it have any connection to Pablo Escobar, but it is strikingly beautiful and won’t leave you trapped with limited rations. You can find the official listing through the Bahamas realtor HG Christie.