Fyre Festival Caterer Almost Got Scammed For A Second Time


Maryann Rolle is the woman that’s featured in both Netflix and Hulu documentaries on Fyre Festival, the best festival that never happened. Maryann lost her life savings as she prepared to feed would-be festival attendees as well as feeding those who were in the Bahamas working on the festival. If her getting scammed once wasn’t enough, a new feature with Vice details how she was close to getting scammed again by her own friend. 

Maryann had a GoFund me account set up for those who wanted to contribute money to help her get back on her feet amid the festival madness. She put the task in the hands of her friend and at one point the funds were sitting at $163,150 from its goal of $123,000. Unfortunately, her unnamed ‘friend’ walked away with the money. “It’s so unfortunate that sometimes a few dollars come in the midst of good friendship,” she told the publication. 

“Fyre screwed you, you go to GoFundMe, now you get some money, this person wants to screw you. You don’t want to say in this world ‘Trust nobody,’ because it’s so sad to say that, but God, who do you trust?”

GoFund me was alerted of the scam and gave Maryann a portion of the money back. “Thank you so much for just lending a helping hand to someone when they needed you most,” she added in the clip. “There’s still love in this world. I am amazed. I didn’t know I would ever be a celebrity in my lifetime but here I am.”