Future’s Alleged Baby Mama Claps Back At Fans: "Mind The Business That Pays You"


Throughout her pregnancy, Eliza Reign has been bombarded with Instagram comments about her alleged baby’s father. She claims to be carrying Future‘s child but the Atlanta rapper has not confirmed whether or not the child is his. People are peeved that he hasn’t acknowledged the allegations but apparently, Eliza couldn’t give less of a damn. She recently took to her comments section to tell fans that he wasn’t even invited to her baby shower after they inquired about his whereabouts. Now, she’s back to spill some more tea. This time, she’s clapping back at a couple of fans who wanted to involve Future and his other baby mama Joie Chavis in their conversation.

One woman wrote that she was sad Future isn’t owning up to the baby and taking responsibility on Eliza’s latest post. After a back-and-forth conversation with another fan, Eliza decided to shut things down, telling them that they know nothing about what goes on in her personal life. “1. I am not a first time mommy,” said Eliza, correcting the commenter who said that she wouldn’t be able to raise her first child by herself. “2. He was never invited to my baby shower….. 3. Are you on the phone line when we converse with each other? I’m fine and will always be fine. Now mind the business that pays you.”

It appears as though Eliza Reign is tired of hearing about Future in her comments. It likely won’t end anytime soon, though. The self-proclaimed “Haitian Goddess” looks like she’s due any day now