Future Requests Paternity Case To Be Dismissed On Grounds Of Fraud


Eliza Seraphin has been publicly accusing Future of being the father of her recently born daughter for months. She has aired him out for his neglect on Instagram and sued him for paternity, child support and custody, but nothing has gone in her favor so far. It was even reported that she could not afford the requisite fees for the paternity case she started. 

While Future doesn’t take to social media as often as Eliza to vent, he has attempted to prove that he is not the father through legal means. Last month, his request to take Eliza to court was granted. He intended to issue a gag order against her so she would no long be able to publicly defame him. It would have been useful for this order to have passed by now because two weeks ago they had a little back-and-forth on Instagram regarding how Eliza used Future’s last name for her daughter.

The Blast has now acquired legal documents that state exactly what Future wishes to hold Eliza accountable for. He filed a motion to dismiss the case on the grounds that Seraphin had committed “fraud upon the court.”