Funkmaster Flex Goes After Cardi B For Not Writing Her Own Lyrics


Cardi B has been on top the rap world since she dropped her debut album, Invasion Privacy, but not everyone is feeling that Cardi’s rise to fame is deserved.

Funkmaster Flex, the legendary DJ and Hot 97 radio host, went to Instagram Live to share his thoughts on Cardi, and the rumors that she doesn’t write her own raps. Flex clearly doesn’t think she does, as he starts f the video by saying that, “Cardi’s consistently getting somebody else to write her shit,” even dropping his famous bomb sounds to emphasize his point.

He continues by saying, “I can’t stand rappers who don’t write they shit!,” later adding, “What did we learn today boys and girls? Write your own shit! And when your shit gets funny, don’t go on the gram and turn your comments f, and] don’t fire your management as soon as you get to the right place!”

Strong words from Funk Flex here, though they’re kind ironic considering his stance on hiring ghostwriters was the complete opposite last month, when it came to Lil Pump. Regardless, it’s part Funk Flex’s job to rile people up, and he ends the video by exclaiming that everything he’s saying is simply his own opinion. 

It seems that every semi-successful rapper and their grandmothers all have ghostwriting rumors circling around them, including the infamous Drake/Meek Mill beef from 2015. However, judging by Drake’s current success, those ghostwriting rumors didn’t hold him back too much, so chances are Cardi won’t have to be too concerned about Funk Flex’s comments either.