Funk Flex Admits 6ix9ine Radio Bias Despite Dubbing Music Preview 'Fire'


New York, NY – Polarizing rap figure 6ix9ine returned to social media on Thursday (February 4) after a self-imposed hiatus. The Instagram clip, which featured a snippet of his forthcoming single, racked up over 15 million views and 307,000 comments in less than 48 hours — enough for Akademiks to ask his 3.8 million IG followers if he was officially “back.”

According to a comment from veteran Hot 97 radio personality Funk Flex, the answer appears to be yes. On Friday (February 5), Funk Flex admitted he wouldn’t throw 6ix9ine’s new song in rotation but loves the sound of it.

“I’m not going to play this…BUT this is thumping!” he wrote on Akademiks’ post. “JUST MY OPINION!” Judging by Akademiks’ caption, the former Everyday Struggle co-host thinks Flex should support his music anyway, despite his damaged reputation.

“#funkflex says even tho he won’t play #6ix9ine new song on the radio .. it’s fire,” he wrote. “Should he support the song by playing it if he thinks it’s fire?”


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6ix9ine is on federal probation for the next four years and some change but still rapping about some questionable topics and trolling people whenever he can.

“Are you dumb?/You ain’t spin the block, you a damn lock,” he scream-raps in the comeback clip. “Suck a dick/You ain’t kill shit, you got ya n-gga shot/You ain’t feelin’ shit ’cause we was killin’ shit.”

He added in the caption, “ARE YOU READY????? 100,000 comments if you want this right now. I TOOK ENOUGH TIME OFF TO SHOW YOU THIS INTERNET SHIT IS BORING WITHOUT ME. SUCK MY DICK.”

Shortly after 6ix9ine was granted a compassionate release from Queens Detention Center, his attorney Dawn Florio told TMZ her client wouldn’t make trolling or igniting beef with other rappers a habit since the federal government is monitoring him as part of his supervised probation nor would he be promoting any gang affiliations online either.

But almost immediately, the 24-year-old was back to his old ways. Prior to his social media disappearing act, he’d been going after Lil Durk, King Von and several other Chicago rappers. After Von was killed in November 2020, he temporarily broke his social media fast to accuse Durk of using Von’s name for album sales.

“Used Von name for sales,” he wrote in an Instagram comment at the time. “Is NOT blackballed has all industry support. 55k and his man was caught in 4K #KingVon REST IN PISS.”