From Travis Scott to Sara Bareilles, Here’s Every Music Video Directed by Jonah Hill


Travis Scott's cinematic new visual for "WAKE UP" was not Jonah Hill's first directing rodeo (Scott pun intended).

Besides his directorial film debut with last year's Mid90s, Hill — best known as an actor (Wolf of Wall Street, Superbad) and writer (21 Jump Street) — has been the mind behind four music videos since 2011, and seems to have plans for many more.

Check out his reel below.

Sara Bareilles – "Gonna Get Over You"

Hill's first time in the director's chair was for Sara Bareilles' song "Gonna Get Over You" back in 2011. The upbeat video features Bareilles in a leather jacket and heavy eyeliner, dancing to the tune in a grocery store with strangers she finds along the way. Though it doesn't match Hill's now-signature vintage style showcased in Mid90s, it's a fun watch with some depth behind it, as it ends with Bareilles realizing the whole thing was a fantasy.

Danny Brown – "Ain't It Funny" 

Hill directed the sitcom-turned-horror visual for Danny Brown's "Ain't It Funny" from his 2016 album Atrocity Exhibition. Taking inspiration from '80s and '90s TV shows, Brown is Uncle Danny, who has a drug problem. The video soon turns gory, putting a satirical spin on the perfect families often portrayed on television. The twisted humor of both Brown and Hill truly shines through in this piece, doing justice to the song's title.

Vampire Weekend – "Sunflower"

Indie-rock royalty Vampire Weekend enlisted Hill to direct the video for "Sunflower," the second single from their long-awaited fourth album Father of the Bride. The result was a dizzying New York City daydream featuring Steve Lacy and Jerry Seinfeld, with its rotating shots and split screens making the video Hill's most creative yet.

Just for fun, Hill also made a cameo in Vampire Weekend's video for "Harmony Hall," though it was directed by Emmett Malloy. At the end of the song, Hill takes a nibble from a pancake served to him by frontman Ezra Koening.

Travis Scott – "WAKE UP"

Arguably the biggest artist Hill has worked with, Scott's video for "WAKE UP" shows the rapper in black-and-white, floating above masses of sleeping people.

Hill teased the collaboration on his Instagram in March, writing "Next up" and tagging both Scott and The Weeknd, whose vocals are featured on the track.


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Gucci Mane – ?

Though no new information has been revealed, Hill shared a screenshot to Instagram of his conversation with rapper Gucci Mane about working on a visual together. "We gonna make a classic or what?" Hill asked Mane, who replied, "Hell yeah we gone make a classic." In the photo's caption, Hill got sentimental about his music video ventures: "Music videos were my favorite growing up and I feel grateful I get to direct them with some of my favorite artists. Let’s go!"