From Ricardo Montaner to Kany Garcia, the Best Latin Songs to Dedicate to Your Papá


1. Roberto Carlos, “Amigo”: Roberto Carlos' classic can be played for so many occasions. But it fits Father's Day to a T with its opening line: “Tu eres mi hermano del alma, realmente un amigo” (You're my soul brother, truly my friend): 

2. Piero, “Mi Viejo”: This ode to fathers everywhere penned by Argentine singer/songwriter Piero back in the 1970s is still a classic, and will still bring a tear to your eye. 

3. Kany Garcia, “Confieso:” Garcia's recently released ode to her father, who died last year, is a beautiful glimpse at the day to day with a father she adored. 

4. Antonio Aguilar, “Que falta me hace mi padre”: The title — “what's missing is my father” — says it all. 

5. Alejandro Sanz, “Ese que me dio la vida”: An early hit from the Spanish songwriter. 

6. Angela Aguilar feat. Pepe Aguilar, “Tu sangre en mi cuerpo”: Pepe Aguilar's daughter's ode to her dad is a beautiful mutual love song: 

7. Ricardo Montaner feat. Evaluna Montaner, “La Gloria de Dios”: This is not a song about fatherhood per se (although the parallels are clear), but its representation by father/daughter duo is a perfect way to celebrate Father's Day: