From 'Queen' to Remy Ma, Here Are 12 Memorable Quotes from Nicki Minaj's #CRWN Interview With Elliott Wilson


Nicki Minaj is in the midst a media tour supporting her recently released Queen album. Barbz filled the tight quarters NYC's venue and cabaret, Le Poisson Rouge, in all-out celebration mode as they awaited the arrival their leader. Minaj joined acclaimed journalist Elliott Wilson on stage for his latest #CRWN interview about an hour after the slated start time 9 p.m. ET Tuesday night (Aug. 14). 

The New York native was greeted by her hometown crowd with a resounding roar as they rapped along to the standout Queen cuts booming throughout the stoic venue's speakers. Donning a classic Burberry jacket and leggings capped f with gray YEEZY ankle boots, Minaj finally got her raucous cult-like following under control several minutes later so Wilson could get to the task at-hand.

The event follows a messy exchange on Twitter on Tuesday (Aug. 14), when the rapper went head-to-head with ex-boyfriend Safaree. Nicki made claims paying for Samuels' new hairline and accused him stealing her credit card to pay for prostitutes. The 37-year-old countered by bringing up a night that ended up with him allegedly being stabbed by Nicki.

Wilson touched on some the drama in Nicki's public life but didn't make a point to harp on the tabloid fodder with layers to be explored from Minaj's Queen LP. The pair breezed through a number topics, including the 35-year-old's recording process in Miami and New York, sample clearance issues with Tracy Chapman, working alongside Nas on "Sorry," plans to update verses on "Chun Swae," not engaging in a beef with Remy Ma, clearing the air with Cardi B and much more. 

Check out the top 12 quotes from Nicki Minaj's all-encompassing live discussion with Elliot Wilson below. 

On finding her recording groove in NYC:

“All a sudden, I started not having a vibe in Miami. So I came to New York and, in one day, I laid not the final lyrics but the reference tracks to four songs as soon as I stepped foot in New York." ("Good Form," "Coco Chanel," "Miami," and "Regular Degular")

On plans to update her verses to "Chun Swae":

“I want to change the verses personally because if you go back and listen to any other record on the album, 'Good Form,' 'LLC,' I’m riding that beat crazy. Am I going to get y'all blessings to update the verses on ‘Chun Swae’?"

On why the Nas-assisted "Sorry" didn't make Queen:

"I felt bad because Nas really liked that record too. We just were told that Tracy Chapman doesn’t clear samples like that and no one could really reach her. No one wanted me to push the album back. so I just went ahead without it. I knew that one record would not make or break the project. Nas] was like, 'Don't you think our verses should be about each other?' I was like, 'Duh, course.'"

On being held to a higher standard than other artists:

“Don’t forget I get held to a higher standard because God forbid I say 'p---y.' Only Nicki Minaj talks about sex. Everyone gets judged less than me."

On why "Chun-Li" was the first single:

"I purposely did it that way. ‘Chun-Li’ set the tone. I don’t think that in an era called ‘Queen’, I need to drop my first record talking about f---ing and sucking. I believe that when you can digest the entire body work and you can hear things like, ‘Ganja Burn’ and ‘Nip-Tuck’, then you can hear ‘Barbie Dreams’. I felt it was my responsibility to not put something that was that raunchy out first."

On the female rap competition throughout her career:

"Every two years I get told about some new female rapper. To me, it's silly to compare me to women because there's no woman that can put up the stats that I've generated."

On not beefing with Remy Ma:

"I didn't engage in a rap beef. I didn't engage. Wait hold on, 'Oh you the q-u-e- queen this here. One album flop this year. One platinum plaque, album flopped, bitch, where?'" Sings]

On her relationship with Cardi B:

"At the Met Gala we had a great talk and we promised each other we weren't going to feed into bullshit anymore."

On the controversy surrounding "Motorsport":

"I said how I felt. I didn't like the way it was handled. Quavo was apologetic in the way he handled it. I kept it moving -- nobody else was."

On crafting "Come See About Me":

"I was thinking about the same person when I wrote the hook on ‘Ganja Burn.' What I was feeling was like damn, I cut this person out my life completely but I wonder does he think about me? Would he ever check on me?"

On working with Foxy Brown on "Coco Chanel": 

"She was meant to be on Queen and ‘Coco Chanel’ was meant to be the record that she got on. We fight like sisters. That’s how I know the love is real. I think it’s full circle to finally have her on the album."

On touring with Future:

"Future has always been someone who I consider a real friend. Now, in this industry you have friends and you have 'friends.' He's one my friends. He's someone who I've never dated or did anything romantic with. Nothing. But when I sit down in a room with him, he and I could talk for hours. He talks to me how you would talk to a guy, we talk about the industry and business moves. When some things didn't work out how I wanted to with the tour, I thought about Future. When everyone turned their back on me, he treated me the same way. He never switched up on me."