French Rappers Booba and Kaaris Arrested Following Heated Brawl Causing Delays at Paris Airport


The longstanding feud between French rappers Booba and Kaaris turned into a physical melee when the pair MCs and their entourages crossed paths at Paris' Orly Airport on Wednesday (Aug. 1). The bloodshed caused flights to be delayed up to 30 minutes and a temporary terminal closing, as CBS News reported.  According to Reuters, both artists and seven others were arrested by law enforcement for their roles in the brawl. 

Footage the altercation has since gone viral, finding a chaotic scene taking place in the airport's duty-free cosmetics store. As outsiders in the waiting area yelled for help, the rappers and their teams continued to wreak havoc to whatever was put in front them, breaking plenty merchandise. Punches and kicks were thrown but no weapons looked to be involved in what was caught on camera. 

The "Kalash" collaborators were both traveling for business to Barcelona when they crossed paths and the bad blood spilled over. The 41-year-old's show at Barcelona's club Pacha was canceled following his arrest.

Both the artists had supposedly been beefing since a falling out took place in 2013 when Booba apparently became frustrated that Kaaris didn't side with him in his feud against Rohff.