French Montana on Creating 'Unforgettable': 'You Feel That Energy When Something Hits Your Soul'


French Montana talked through the process creating his track “Unforgettable” as part Billboard’s “How It Went Down” video series, explaining that he knew it was special from the moment he first heard the beat.

“I was up for like 48 hours, my brother Jeremih came in,” French Montana tells Billboard. “He just kept on playing records, and records, and records and he pressed play on this one specific record, which was ‘Unforgettable.’ I said, ‘This song is very special.’”

So French Montana went into the recording booth and started freestyling. He notes that when he’s recording, he doesn’t think about anything but the music, and that he lets the beats and the production lead. “You feel that energy when something just hits your soul,” he says. “And ‘Unforgettable’ was one those.”

The rapper adds that to him, music is all about the rush that it makes him feel. “If music don't make you feel that rush, I don't feel like it's worth making,” French explains.

“It’s a lot hits that come out every day, a lot albums that come out,” he continues. “But ‘Unforgettable’ is one song that even after I made it, and when people hear it, even I'll be looking at my comments, and on Twitter and everything, people say the same thing that I was thinking when I made it, and when I heard it a year later, and they all say the same thing, still feels like it was the first time you heard it.”

You can hear the full story how French Montana's "Unforgettable" went down by watching the video above.