French Montana Leaves Kanye West Sliding On Basketball Court


French Montana is poised to spring no shortage of material upon us, having already set the tone with singles “No Stylist” and “Slide.” Now, the Jungle Rules rapper is allowing himself a little bit of breathing room, in which r&r is the primary focus. French recently took to Instagram to show off some of his on-court prowess, which transpired during a pickup game with none other than Kanye West. Though Yeezy’s athleticism has seldom been at the forefront of his stat-sheet, it’s nice to see him having a bit of fun for a change.

French made sure to have a laugh at Yeezy’s expense, sharing footage of the producer falling for his stepback, and electric sliding like it was the “Family Business” days. Adding insult to injury, French replays the move on loop, allowing himself to channel his inner And1 superstar, if only for a fleeting moment. “HAD TO MAKE KANYE SLIDE ON ROLLER SKATES,” he writes, while his “Slide” refrain cycles for emphasis. 

Still, it’s all love between the rappers. In fact, Montana has been keeping his ear to Yandhi, having recently hit fans with an update on the oft-delayed album. “”He’s working on something that’s so crazy,” teased French. “”I think he’s working on something bigger than music. When I went to go see him, he showed me something that was so crazy. But, that’s what makes people like him stand out, because he always thinks outside the box – really outside the box. Shout out to Kanye. No, but definitely he’s special, man. He’s special. I feel like he’s going to touch something that’s going to change everybody’s life.”

French Montana Leaves Kanye West Sliding On Basketball Court

Rich Fury/Getty Images