French Montana After Lil Tjay Shooting: “It’s Hard Out Here for Rappers”


Lil Tjay was shot on Wednesday, leading to emergency surgery. French Montana was tracked down by TMZ and offered his opinion on the unfortunate incident.

“I know he’s been rushed in from one hospital to another, so I pray for his family,” French said. “I haven’t spoken to him. I heard he’s in critical condition. It’s a bad situation.”

French would go on to detail the current situation for rappers.

“It’s hard out here for rappers, man. We got the hardest job,” he said. “You don’t know where it comes from, man. We think that everybody love us but everybody don’t love us.”

Lil Tjay underwent emergency surgery after being shot on Wednesday in Edgewater, NJ. According to TMZ, Tjay is still unconscious in the hospital.

Sources have alerted TMZ, that while Tjay is still unconscious, he was able to move his legs on Thursday but has not made any other body movements.

Lil Tjay was shot multiple times by Mohamed Konate. Konate was arrested but also sustained gunshot wounds. Surveillance video at the hospital shows someone driving up and leaving Konate on the ground.

Konate was charged with 3 counts of first-degree attempted murder. Two men that were with Tjay were arrested for second-degree unlawful possession of a weapon.