Freddie Gibbs Pokes Fun At Kanye West’s GD Bar on “Life Of The Party”


Like most people, Freddie Gibbs is watching the Drake vs. Kanye West beef from afar. The two legendary artists have publicly reignited their feud and have traded verbal blows over the past month.

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On the most recent episode, Drake took to his Sirius XM radio show, Sound 42, to leak Kanye West’s song with Andre 3000 entitled, “Life Of The Party.” A portion of Yeezy’s verse was aimed at Drake.

"Thoughts we was the new Abu Dhabi
Told Drake don't play with me, on GD
And he sent that message to everybody"

The “GD” reference is derived from Kanye’s affiliations with the Chicago gang, Gangster Disciples. Larry Hoover founded it. Over the years, Ye has been adamant about helping to get Hoover out of jail. He even met with former President Donald Trump in 2018 for the initiative.


GD affiliate and fellow Chicago native, Rooga, was featured on “Ok Ok Pt 2” from DONDA. His song, “GD Anthem,” was played during Chicago’s final listening DONDA listening event.

On the track “Jesus Lord,” Larry Hoover Jr. is also featured where he explained the effects of his father’s imprisonment on this family.

After hearing “Life of The Party,” Freddie Gibbs took to Twitter for his reaction.

Gibb plays on Kanye’s born-again life change with renowned pastor TD Jakes.