Freddie Gibbs & Gunna Connect In A Flood Of Mutual Respect


The verdict is in. Some of the game's best lyricists possess a deep admiration for Gunna, including some of New York's finest wordsmiths. From Nas to Dave East, Gunna has been co-signed as a young innovator time and time again. During a recent stay on The Breakfast Club, one of the game's top tier rappers, Freddie Gibbs, made sure to single out Gunna as one of his favorite current rappers. Though the pair failed to link up for Bandana, it's likely the lofty praise reached the young Atlanta rapper, who recently crossed paths with Gangsta Gibbs for a meeting of the minds.

Freddie Gibbs & Gunna Connect In A Flood Of Mutual Respect

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Freddie took to Instagram to document the link-up, which found him and Gunna posted up in front of an impromptu wifi-hotspot. Behind Gibbs stands a mysterious third party, who possibly did his damndest to avoid a "photobombing" situation, only to be thwarted by his frame. Oh well. 

Though the image is innocuous on its own, it's certainly interesting to see Gunna continuously cementing himself in the "your favorite rapper's favorite rapper" archetype. Unexpected perhaps, but let's not sleep on the melodic hitmaker's infectious approach to song-crafting. You may not like Gunna's music, but he has the ear of your favorite lyricist and that in itself deserves respect.