Fred Armisen Plays ‘Build a Band,’ Sings Duet With Timothée Chalamet Puppet on ‘Tonight Show’: Watch


Fred Armisen came to play on The Tonight Show on Tuesday night (July 23). But first, while plugging his hilariously bizarre new Spanish language HBO sitcom Los Espookys, Armisen explained that every project he works on is aimed at impressing three very unique audiences, in this order: Saturday Night Live major domo Lorne Michaels, former SNL pal and all-around badass Tina Fey, and, of course, Tonight Show host Jimmy. 

It was clear from the first segment that Armisen and Fallon love being silly together above all, reminiscing about the days back on SNL when they would sit around for hours in the early morning hours pretending to be Jimmy Stewart ranting about new music and wondering if they should revive an SNL sketch they never wrote with multiple Stewarts from It's a Wonderful Life confronting each other.

After explaining Los Espookys' reverse Scooby-Doo premise — the stars are hired to scare people — Armisen broke into a Latin accent, which prompted Fallon to bust out his eerily lifelike Timotheé Chalamet puppet, complete with very bad French accent. It was, of course, just an excuse to trick Armisen into improvising a French duet with papier-mâchélemet. "Life, life, life is for everyone/ For ze trees, for ze stones, and ze stars," the two men harmonized.

"I want nothing to do with him at all," Fallon assured Armisen of the creepy puppet. "He's just here and I can't get rid of him, like that roommate who won't grow up and leave the house."

Rolling through some ridiculous fake British accent nonsense in another segment, Armisen and Fallon set up their "Build a Band" bit, conjuring the awesome fake band name Lavender Rollercoaster. The legendary group that never was blew up at the tail end of the hippie era in 1969 with the not-hit "Daffodil Grass." To the strains of a chiming psychedelic jam, Armisen sang, "Daffodil grass, daffodil grass/ Growing around the garden," with the duo melding their voices on the paisley refrain "Inside your mind/ Inside your mind."

Watch Fallon and Armisen get silly below.